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Pearl Eye with Pearl Chain

Pearl Eye with Pearl Chain

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Introducing our enchanting Pearl Evil Eye Necklace, meticulously handcrafted from 14K solid gold and adorned with a luminous pearl. This extraordinary piece combines the captivating beauty of pearls with the protective symbolism of the evil eye, resulting in a truly mesmerizing creation. The intricate evil eye pendant, expertly crafted with remarkable attention to detail, showcases the intricate patterns and mesmerizing allure of this ancient symbol.  

Draped gracefully around your neck, this necklace becomes a striking statement of style and spiritual significance. The radiant pear necklacel, representing purity and sophistication, enhances the ethereal charm of the evil eye pendant. Embrace the mystical aura and timeless allure of our Pearl Evil Eye Necklace, crafted with the utmost precision and care. Let it serve as a talisman of protection and style, infusing your look with an air of enchantment and grace.

  • Fresh Water pearls
  • Pendant Size: 14x30 mm
  • 14k Solid Gold Chain
  • Necklace Length: 41 cm
  • Pearl Size in Necklace: 2-3 mm
  • 14K Solid Gold Lobster Clasp
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