Coffee & Jewelry

Welcome to our "Coffee & Jewelry"!

At NOORÈLLE, we believe in the magic of connection and the beauty of shared moments. We're excited to introduce a special space where you can experience the heart and soul of our brand – the "Coffee & jewelry" page. 

Why Book an Appointment with Us? 

Our founder, Aynur, is not just an artisan; she's a storyteller, an inspirer, and a creative soul. When you book an appointment, you're not just getting a coffee and jewelry session; you're embarking on a journey of discovery and shared passion.

Meet Aynur

Aynur, the visionary behind NOORÈLLE, is eager to get to know you, share her artistic process, and reveal the inspirations behind each piece. It's a chance to connect on a personal level and see the jewelry through the eyes of its creator.

Custom Creations

The true essence of NOORÈLLE lies in the ability to craft bespoke pieces that resonate with your individuality. We collaborate with local artisans in Toronto to bring your visions to life. During your appointment, explore the endless possibilities of crafting a one-of-a-kind piece with materials and stones that speak to you.

Styling Tips

Our appointment isn't just about jewelry; it's about you. Aynur will provide expert guidance on how to incorporate NOORÈLLE pieces into your unique style. Whether you're looking for everyday elegance or a statement piece, we're here to help you shine. 

Partnership Questions

Are you interested in exploring partnership opportunities with NOORÈLLE? We're always open to new collaborations and creative alliances. During your appointment, feel free to discuss any partnership ideas or questions you might have. We're excited to hear your thoughts and explore how we can work together.

How to Book

  • Choose a date and time that suits your schedule BOOK NOW.
  • Feel free to share any specific topics or questions you have in mind for our meeting. We want to make this experience uniquely yours. 
  • Join us for a virtual coffee and jewelry session. 
  • Book your appointment with NOORÈLLE today and be part of our story.